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A Big Plug for Alex Karamanis, the Author!

Band member Cosmo is now writing a novel, and has published short stories under the name “Alex Karamanis”. Here’s a link to his stories on Amazon:

“On Planet Earth” Video. Powerful Stuff!

“Manly Men” Single Now on iTunes!

Our single, “Manly Men” is now available on iTunes. Buy it now!

Wall Street Pirates - Manly Men

“God’s Chosen Pirates” Single Available on iTunes

Get it now!
Wall Street Pirates - God's Chosen Pirates

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Wall Street Pirates Fake Tour 2012

Published by in Uncategorized on May 21st, 2012

Please send us your suggestions for our fake tour. We need some suggestions for cities and hopefully pic of those cities. The cities we choose will go on our official “Wall Street Pirates Fake Tour 2012″ t-shirt.

“God’s Chosen Pirates” video now available!

New Audio and Video Releases!

We’ve just finished the final video edit for the song, “Manly Men”. We’ll upload it to youtube so that it’s available starting September 22nd. The audio is being uploaded to Tunecore, and should be available soon on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, and other fine online outlets. Enjoy!

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